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Armor Case Japan Zippo Lighter 3 sides Arabesque Deep Engraving Black nickel Gold

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[Item information]

A black color appears in deep sculpture series! 
Golden sculpture matches the black of a main part.
Though it is a simple design, it is Zippo with a high-class feeling.
The display case (acrylics) is attached to this Zippo. 

[zippo type] Armor Case

[Processing] Black nickel, 3 sides deep engraving, Leutor processing

[Accessories] Zippo company's Guarantee, Zippo gift box (with Acrylics case)

Genuine Japanese Armor Case Zippo Lighter

Made in the USA and finished in Japan

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Thank you for visiting our store!! We are the specialty stores of Zippo designed in Japan.  Japanese zippo lighter is given the beautiful sometimes unique design.  Zippo founded in the...

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