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Kiseru Tray Tobacco-bon Kabazaiku

Wooden Japan style Ashtray for Kiseru

traditional Japanese art

[Material] Tabacco-bon: Kabazaiku*, Ashtray: Nanbu Tekki,  (traditional Japanese Ironware)

*Kabazaiku (literally "birch craftsmanship") is the traditional Japanese art of fashioning tea boxes, smoking accessories, and other woodworks out of the bark of a cherry tree.

[Size] H200 x W260 x D140mm

(approximately 7.87"x 10.2" x 5.5")

(Inside dimensions of small article: width 8.3 cm,depth 11.4 cm, depth 3.2 cm)

(Drawer part inside dimension: width 20.5 cm, depth 11.2 cm, depth 3.0 cm)

* Withdrawals can store general smoke pipes and tobacco etc.

[Weight]] 1,259 g

[Attention] Kiseru is not attached. Photo cigarette, smoke pipe is a sample. It is selling only tabacco-bon.

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